How accurate is in Alaska?

“How accurate is”  With the growing popularity of online real estate tools, we get that question a lot.  The short answer is this; “It’s not.”  And now for the long answer.

The primary reason services like Zillow are inaccurate in Alaska is due to Alaska being a “Non-Disclosure” State.  Quite simply, Alaskans and Alaskan Real Estate companies don’t make property sale prices public knowledge.  Therefore, online services can only base their estimates on public tax records.  Unfortunately, these services don’t go out of their way to share this fact with their users without some searching.  Below is a screen shot from showing how accurate they feel they are here in AK.

Why is this important?  At Dynamic, our primary objective is to provide you with the best real estate experience possible.   We recognize many of you want to do some research online.  Taking Zillow’s estimates at face value, you may identify properties that look tempting ; only to find that a property is no longer available or drastically different in price than expected.  This can be very frustrating and time consuming.

The Dynamic Solution- Instead of relying on information that is known to be inaccurate, contact our office and we will prepare a custom online portal for you which will allow you to review properties online within any parameters you would like.  One of our professionals will utilize their knowledge of our Alaskan marketplace to save you time and help you find the best fit for you and your family.


About Dynamic Properties Alaska

Dynamic Properties was founded in 1970. It is the largest and the leading independent, non-franchised real estate company in the State of Alaska. Our company has grown and prospered over almost four decades of market changes. Dynamic's goal is to be the premier provider and partner of choice to connect buyers and sellers.
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